"Aldo" Aldo Diaz
a native of Argentina who now performs and resides in NYC. He is proud to be a part of kevin's vision and to contribute to the creation of "Flora". One Love.

"Debbie" Marissa Manzanares
An Oklahoma native Marissa attended the Universtiy of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music for dramatic performance, she is now based in New York. contact her at spezack77@aol.com

  "Donna" Claudina Del Guidice
She began acting lessons at age of twelve with her brother and sister and made her "professional" debut on a 'Treasure Island' commercial! Studying under Salem Ludwig at H.B. Studio for two years she became interested in the medium of film and attended NYU for two semesters acting and working behind the scenes in numerous film projects. "Flora" is her feature film debut.

to contact Claudina: NOFEE@aol.com

"Alphonso" Otto Sanchez
  "Todd" Tom Pearl
"Flora" Jenette Sampson
  "Chris" John Fukuda
  "Tommy" Tommy Heege
"Rich" Etienne Navarre
  "Mom" Mary Baggott
"Peter" Lonny MacDougall
"Jamie" Richard Wilkinson
"Josh" David Smith
  "Merrissa" Lidia Ramirez
  "Tonito" Javier Nunez
A working actor since his early teens, Javier has been in various Indie films including larry Clark's "KIDS".
  "Mami" Mami Kimura
  "Officer Alonso" Mark Anthony
  "Simone" Simonetta Bortolozzi
"Edwin" Carlos Pizzaro
  "Tina" Daisy Tun Chin
  "Luna" Jacquie Rivera
  "Josh" Josh Goodman
  "Alfie" Al D. Rodriguez
  "Doctor" Tony Cordello
  "Blondie" Emily Burton
  "Trixie" Debbie Decarlo
"Girl on train" Spyce Lake
  "Guy on train" Eddie Marrero
  "Carmen" Carmen Alverez


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